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Design Process

At Mitchell Media, typically, we serve two types of customers, namely, corporate clients and small-business clients.

Corporate Clients:
Pre-production: We will use our expertise to help you create a technology plan, set strategic objectives, analyze your needs, gauge short-term and long-term objectives and, if need be, set up strategic alliances. At this stage, our goal is to understand your vision and goals and to work with your staff to create consensus and define the project..

Production: After we clearly define the project, our production team will design your solution to meet your specifications.

Post-production: Large projects frequently require extensive testing. Our relationship with you does not end when the solution is launched. Rather, we continue to work with you to measure the success of the solution, refining and tuning it to your specifications.

Small-business Clients:
We also offer do-it-yourself Web sites for small businesses. Some customers are willing to do much of the work themselves and rely upon us to create rollover buttons, specialized forms and so on.

Whatever your needs, we provide you with a professional Web development and management team in an effort to help you avoid costly mistakes and meet your deadlines.

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